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When composing her diet, at least once in her life, every girl thinks about products that increase her bust and whether this is real or not. To increase the bust without surgery and other medical techniques, interesting cosmetic recipes, various techniques and the advice of traditional healers were used all the time.

girl eats fruit to increase breast

However, the most important thing is the diet. There are products that can really work wonders.

Why should you eat certain foods?

The main cause of the formation of unnecessary small mammary glands is considered to be low levels of the hormone estrogen in a woman's body. It is this bioactive ingredient that is responsible for the splendor of form, sexual fullness, and a luxurious body.

You can replenish the lack of estrogen with the help of pharmaceutical products that contain the necessary substances. However, sometimes it is difficult to find a drug. In order for the mammary glands to become more beautiful, the bust and hips to have beautiful lines, you will spend a lot of time choosing hormonal drugs, their use often brings many side effects.

Breast augmentation products that contain specific phytoestrogens are another matter entirely. No side effects, negative consequences, limited use. Let's take a look at the main culinary categories that can be helpful in natural breast enlargement.

natural cosmetics for breast augmentation

Spices to increase breast size

Ladies who want to add phytohormones to their "women's arsenal" should pay special attention to certain spices. There are exhibits that deserve the attention of the most profound skeptics.

The record holder for the content of such substances is fenugreek. The plant is used as an independent seasoning for meat dishes, salads, snacks, and is also combined with other seasoning elements.

Alfalfa herb

Fenugreek is found in the famous "hops-suneli" and curry combination. On that basis, special teas and herbal blends are created, which have a particularly beneficial effect on the female body, giving women femininity and sex appeal, and improving the quality of life. improve reproductive function.


Promotes breast enlargement and dill. This herb is not often used in the kitchen, but in folk medicine it is indispensable.

dill for breast augmentation

Fennel has all you need to not only bring a comfortable weight to women, but also help improve lactation, enhance female fertility. You just need to brew the plant as a weak tea and drink it twice a day. The effect won't last long.


Since ancient times, hop cones have been used by people to enlarge the mammary glands. It is because of the people's love for this plant that an interesting theory has emerged that beer also contributed to the growth of the bust.

However, instead of hoppy drinks, which are often not of the best quality, safe and natural ingredients should be preferred. Hop cones should be incubated for 6-8 days and taken in small portions throughout the day. Then you need to take a 1- to 5-month break and repeat the course again.

red clover

Red clover is a wonderful plant for breast enlargement. It is rich in flavonoids and anticoagulants. It is these chemicals that participate in the synthesis of estrogen in the female body.

Clover decoction for breast augmentation

Usually only flowers are used. Prepare broth and drink during the day in small portions. In this case, a balanced diet and the correct approach to the use of this drink play an important role.

Legumes and soybeans help to enlarge breasts effectively

It should be noted that even the simplest beans can not only decorate the table in any kitchen, but also give an attractive beauty to the bust of a woman. These products always adorn the diet with their unusual taste and ability to saturate the body.

Peas and beans contribute to the development of female mammary glands. The real record holders for phytohormone content are chickpeas, lentils and red beans. The bust from such delicious food will really become more magnificent.

Interesting facts:All the estrogens present in peas and chickpeas cannot be extracted from the plant to obtain a quality pharmaceutical product. If you want to benefit and replenish your estrogen stores, eat legumes in their natural form as often as possible. In principle, a healthy diet will have an effect not only on the female figure, but also on the beauty and health of hair, skin, nails.

soy products for breast augmentation

Does the bust grow from eating grains?

In order for breasts to be not only fat, but also elastic, the optimal amount of estrogen must be supported by a large part of the "building material". Protein plays its role. Many grains are rich in structural proteins and estrogen-like substances.

You need to regularly supplement nutrition with oatmeal, brown rice and barley porridge. Food is good for the body. These delicious grains are a great base for forming delicious and healthy blends. For example, oatmeal can be supplemented with sweet and sour yogurt and slices of banana, apple, kiwi.

Do I need to eat fatty foods: do breasts grow?

The fastest way to achieve fullness of breasts is to force the formation of fat masses. Breasts become fuller as you gain weight. However, the fat mass is quite unevenly distributed throughout the body.

protein products for breast augmentation

It has been proven that women with optimal levels of estrogen have an hourglass figure. When the body starts to gain weight, then the fat accumulates precisely in the thighs and chest area. If a woman's body has problems, estrogen deficiency or global hormonal imbalance, fat will "rave" in the abdomen, legs, hands, face, creating difficult "ears"bear.

In order for the bust to remain larger and the whole body to become more succulent and gorgeous, you should include the following products in the diet:

  • Banana.
  • Cocoa.
  • Honey.
  • Milk.
  • Nuts.
  • Butter.
  • Fat fish.
  • Cheese.